Sunday, August 11, 2013

Luxurious house in the midst of thousands of acres of boulders and desert, yet close to Joshua Tree and the National Park - Joshua Tree Paradise

Camp out on one of the many beds that are situated at different ideal spots around the property

That's the house - in the midst of rocks 

Photos taken at Joshua Tree Paradise - views of the sunset and stars

stars with rocks and bush in foreground


Joshua Tree Paradise Meditation fun

Nightime photography at Joshua Tree Paradise with flashlights

Joshua Tree Paradise - a project that remains in progress -

 Wood Burning hot tub
Outside is very practical - and still in process of being designed

Comments made in the Joshua Tree Paradise guest book - in Joshua Tree

Lots of areas to explore in Joshua Tree Paradise

 welcome to Rock city.   Infra structure for another location for rent.
 Find cool sculptures on the property
 If you rent Rock City, it comes with its own hot tub
Discover cool spots to picnic

Sunset up at Joshua Tree Paradise - Rock formations

Rock balances on other rock
Rock balances on other rock